Based on some reviews I've been receiving, I just thought I'd throw that out there. Been working continuously on the next installment, which I hope to put out as soon as possible. Chapter 29 of Vain Wisdom All and False Philosophy has reached 31 pages on word and it will not flippin finish!


This fic is reaching the last arc of the tale now... (Yup, 200,000+ words in, and there IS an end in sight. Melusin  is somewhere a continent away doing the "happy dance".) But the majority of all these scenes I had written two years ago in a very rough-get-idea-out-of-mind format, which cleaning up has been a bitch and half. 

But it's coming! The end is near!

Now for some sock puppet nonsense. Do not watch if you have a fear of sock puppets.... obviously.

I've also been working on a story for a challenge which is another excuse I will offer at the alter of fic readers for my long delay in updating my WIP. 

That and the usual RL ridiculous shiiiiiit.
:ahem: Pardon my language, talking seriously about myself has always been extremely uncomfortable. But since I have recently decided to get my "RL crap" in order, it has been recommended that I need to stop living like a pathetic hermit and make an honest attempt at open communication. At 23, living alone has been both a blessing and a burden. I thrive on my independence, but I've developed a strange fear of answering the door, phone calls, and bulimia nervosa. LOL

My therapist also said I need to stop taking the piss out of serious conversations but I can't take myself seriously! I mean how pathetic, like the city of Los Angeles needs another twenty-something with an eating disorder. Hand the girl a cheeseburger, right?

:I looooove cheeseburgers!:

Gah! Enough emotional garbage, my assisngment has been filled!

P.S. Any Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood fans out there? This Sookie/Eric fic is a MUST read. It's a WIP but updated very often. The author is pretty much rewriting all 9 books from Eric's POV concentrating on their canon relationship. Smutastic! ere.



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