~Promised myself I'd make more of an effort to update these things. Excuse my rambles.

~Been spending some of my time (more than some) nosing around the True Blood/Southern Vampire Mysteries/Sookie Stackhouse fandom. If you have never read these books by Charlaine Harris you are seriously missing out! Especially if you've taken the time to read Twilight. As if the entertainment industry needed another vampire love story ATM... but these books came out before Twilight and are COMPLETELY geared for adults. Smutastic!

~My OTP for True Blood is Eric/Sookie. Bill should have been staked five books ago. At the moment the best piece of fanfiction I have read is Eric by deedee. I noticed that with canon pairings, it is very difficult for me to enjoy fanfic unless the story and/or story delivery is very similar to the original author's style and is mainly canon. This is such a story. Whereas the books are from Sookie's POV, Deedee's fic is written from Eric's and completely focuses on his relationship with the telepath. An excellent smutty read!

~Now back to the good ship! I believe my favorite Deviant artist is currently Protowilson. Her series of artist-versus-Snape comics are hiliarious. She needs to explore this slash relationship with Remus that she's been insinuating.

~The next chapter of my WIP is finally complete, which [personal profile] melusin  is currently beta'ing for me. Her WIP, Epiphany, has finally been updated! Can be read here, here, and here.

~And I've been given two invite codes to dreamwidth if anyone is interested.

~Now the best part... Sock puppets!



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